Make a great Zoface online dating profile for better results!

Be attentive during your online dating, my friend, provide accurate information about yourself! Your front-facing, model status profile pic may be what draws people in, but a compelling “about me” section that shows off your personality is what will land you a date.

Describing yourself as a “laid-back guy who loves the beach and getting drinks” is the meh-est of meh descriptions… One of my friends that has huge online dating experience on, says “That pretty much describes 99 percent of singles. If I tell you I’m going to buy you any smartphone you want, you wouldn’t just say ‘Thanks, just get me one that makes calls and can surf the web.’ No, you’d tell me get the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus in white. You want someone to want you because of you, not simply because you’re a warm-bodied male or female.”

Remember – if you want to find relations that you’re finding, provide your potential partner with a maximum of reliable and accurate information about yourself! Good luck in your online dating!

Zoface Profile

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